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Table 1 Major notations

From: Emergency demand response in edge computing

I # of cloud clusters
T # of time slots
Li # of cloudlets in cluster i
Ji # of tasks in cluster i
Di Amount of electricity that i purchased from the grid
ci Asking price of Ei
Ei Electricity reduction that cluster i can offer
Pi Cluster i’s reward earned from the smart grid
zi Cluster i’s bid is accepted (1) or not (0)
Eall EDR target
bij Value of task j in cluster i
aij The arrival time of task j in cluster i
dij The deadline of task j in cluster i
wij # of time slots required for task j in cluster i
λij The workload of task j in cluster i in one slot
τij # of slots that pass the deadline for task j in i
Zl(t) Marginal price of unit workload at cloudlet l at t
Rl(t) The amount of allocated resources in cloudlet l at t
θi Maintenance cost for cluster i
p Local generation cost per unit
\(e_{l}^{t}\) Energy consumption of cloudlet l at t
ug Total local generation
xij Task j in cluster i is accepted (1) or not (0)
yijl(t) Task j is allocated in cluster i’s l at t (1) or not (0)