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Table 1 Summary of notations

From: Decentralized computation offloading for multi-user mobile edge computing: a deep reinforcement learning approach

Notation Description
\(\mathcal {M}\) The set of mobile users
\(\mathcal {T}\) Index set of time slots
hm(t) Channel vector between user m and BS at slot t
y(t) Received signal of BS at slot t
ρm Normalized temporal channel correlation coefficient of user m
H(t) Channel matrix from all the users to BS at slot t
gm(t) User m’s ZF detection vector used by BS at slot t
γm(t) User m’s receiving SINR at BS of slot t
Bm(t) Queue length of user m’s task buffer at slot t
am(t) Amount of task arrivals of user m in bit at slot t
fm(t) CPU frequency scheduled for local execution of user m at slot t
Lm(Fm) CPU cycles required per one task bit (allowable CPU-cycle frequency) at user m
po,m(t) Transmission power of user m for computation offloading at slot t
do,m(t) Data transmitted by user m for computation offloading at slot t
pl,m(t) Power consumption of user m for local execution at slot t
dl,m(t) Data processed by user m via local execution at slot t
Po,m(Pl,m) Maximum transmission power (local execution power) of user m
τ0 Length of one time slot