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Table 3 General system parameter settings

From: Optimization of unmanned aerial vehicle augmented ultra-dense networks

Parameter Settings
Carrier frequency 2 GHz
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Maximum transmit power 43 dBm
RRH fronthaul capacity 10 Gbps
Transmit power gradient 4.2
LoS path loss 103.4+24.2 log10d
NLoS path loss 131.1+42.8 log10d
PLoS RRH-UE \(\text {min}\left (\frac {0.018}{d},1\right)\left (1-\exp {\left (-\frac {d}{0.063}\right)}\right)\)
  \(+ \exp {\left (-\frac {d}{0.063}\right)}\)
Noise level −134 dBm/Hz