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Table 1 Definitions of anomalies and anomaly detection

From: Anomaly detection for electricity consumption in cloud computing: framework, methods, applications, and challenges

Term Definition Reference
Anomalies One that appears to deviate markedly from other members of the sample in which it occurs. Xue et al. [22]
  An observation that deviates so much from other observations as to arouse suspicion that it was generated by a different mechanism. Pauwels et al. [23]
  A data point that is very different from the rest of the data. Moghaddass et al. [24]
  An observation in a dataset that appears to be inconsistent with the remainder of that set of data. Miao et al. [25]
Anomaly detection The problem of finding patterns in data that are not consistent with expected behavior. Sabokrou et al. [26]
  The task of identifying that test data differ in some respect from the data that are available during training. Patel et al. [27]
  The work of detecting fault data by constantly monitoring specific features of data and comparing the real-time data with either the features of normal data or those for faults. Hodge et al. [21]