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Table 2 Introduction to the abbreviations used in this paper

From: Robust widely linear beamforming using estimation of extended covariance matrix and steering vector

yAbbreviations Introduction
WLB Widely linear beamformer
EINCM Extended interference-plus-noise covariance matrix
INCM Interference-plus-noise covariance matrix
EDSSV Extended desired signal steering vector
DS Desired signal
MVDR Minimum variance distortionless response
LCMV Linearly constrained minimum variance
UQPSK Unbalanced quaternary phase shift keying
AM Amplitude modulated
ASK Amplitude-shift keying
BPSK Binary phase-shift keying
WL Widely linear
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
DSSV Desired signal steering vector
SCM Sample covariance matrix
SSNC Spatial spectrum of noncircularity coefficient
PC Projection constraint
SINR Signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio
IRCB Iterative robust Capon beamformer
ULA Uniform linear array
INR Interference-to-noise ratio
NC-RCB Noncircular robust Capon beamformer
IQCQP Iterative Quadratically constrained quadratic programming