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Table 1 Complexity of the schemes presented in this paper

From: Sparse code multiple access on the generalized frequency division multiplexing

Waveform Equalizer MUD Complexity
OFDM SPA \(\mathcal {O}(\tau K J^{g})\)
GFDM ZF SPA \(\mathcal {O}\left (N^{3} + \tau N J^{g}\right)\)
  MMSE SPA \(\mathcal {O}\left (N^{3} + \tau N J^{g}\right)\)
  BEP SPA \(\mathcal {O}\left (\phi (N^{3} + NJ) + \tau N J^{g}\right)\)
  BEP SMUD \(\mathcal {O}\left (\phi (N^{3} + NJ) + UJ\right)\)