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Table 2 List of abbreviations

From: Energy-efficient hierarchical routing in wireless sensor networks based on fog computing

Abbreviations Meanings
WSNs Wireless sensor networks
CHs Cluster heads
MDC Mobile data collector
NS Sensor node
NF Fog nodes
NA Advanced nodes
\(A\) Total number of sensor nodes
\(P\) Normal nodes in the network
\(K\) Fraction of advanced nodes
\(E_{{\mathrm{f}}}\) Initial energy of a normal node
h Energy multiple factor
Npc Present condition of N
Nte Type of environmental data sensed by N
Nte Set of environmental data being monitored
\(k\) Total number of events
Nln Location of NS
Nct Component of NS
\(N_{{\mathrm{st}}}\) Types of sensor nodes
\(N_{{\mathrm{ch}}}\) Sensor node’s hardware communication type
App Application of sensor nodes
IA Application instance
\(A\) Total nodes in the network
\(C\) Area covered by a cluster
\(D\) Type of advanced node
\(F\) Fog node
\(\overline{N}_{{\mathrm{S}}}\) Set of normal nodes
\(\overline{N}_{{\mathrm{A}}}\) Set of advanced nodes
\(\overline{N}_{{\mathrm{F}}}\) Set of fog nodes