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Table 1 List of notation

From: A controller deployment scheme in 5G-IoT network based on SDN

Parameters Meaning
\({\rho }_{i}\) Local density
\({\delta }_{i}\) relative distance
\({d}_{ij}\) Euclidean distance between switch node \({s}_{i}\) and switch node \({s}_{j}\)
\({d}_{c}\) Truncation distance
hpi Relatively high density point
\({c}_{j}\) Ith subnet area
Sep Sub-network regional separation
Comp Degree of aggregation within the sub-network area
\({v}_{i}\) Controller nodes
\(c\) or k The number of controllers
\({u}_{ij}\) The degree to which the switch \({s}_{j}\) belongs to the controller node \({v}_{i}\)
\({s}_{i}\) Switch nodes
\(m\) Weight index