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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Collaborative offloading for UAV-enabled time-sensitive MEC networks

System parameters Values
Maximal CPU frequency of UAV 5 GHz
CPU frequency of GN 50 MHz
Total bandwidth B 10 MHz
Max storage capacity C at UAV 200 M
GN remaining storage capacity \(C_k\) 0.5–5 MBits
Transmit power of GN 1 W
Task size at GN 100–500 Kbits
Computation intensity \(\theta ,\theta _{k}\) 900–1000 cycles/bit
Background noise \(N_0\) − 130 dBm
Channel gain at \(d_0=1\) m 50 dB
UAV related parameters Values
UAV blade power \(P_0\) 158.76 W
Induced power \(P_i\) 88.63 W
Blade speed \(Q_{\mathrm{tip}}\) 120 m/s
Air density \(\rho\) 1.225 kg/m\(^3\)
Rotor disc area A 1 m\(^2\)
Hover induced velocity \(V_0\) 4.03
Fuselage drag ratio \(d_0\) 0.3
Fuselage rotor solidity s 0.05
UAV maximum velocity \(V_{\mathrm{max}}\) 15 m/s
UAV flight height H 100 m