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Table 7 Civil aviation passenger credit record penalty standard

From: A passenger risk assessment method based on 5G-IoT

No. Infraction Penalty
1 Fabrication and deliberate dissemination of false terrorist information related to civil aviation air defense safety 100
2 Theft of other people's goods on board an aircraft 100
3 Use forgery, alteration or fraudulent use of other people's identity documents and flight vouchers 100
4 Carry or consign dangerous goods, contraband goods and controlled articles prescribed by national laws and regulations 100
5 Blockage, seizure, impact check-in counter, security access, boarding gate (access) 50
6 To forcibly occupy or intercept aircraft, forcibly break into or impact aircraft cockpits, runways and aprons 50
7 To obstruct or incite others to obstruct aircrew, security check, check-in and other civil aviation personnel from performing their duties and to carry out or threaten to carry out personal attacks 50
8 Use of open fire, smoking, illegal use of electronic equipment in aircraft, disobedience to dissuasion 40
9 The act of occupying seats, luggage racks, fighting, provoking trouble, deliberately damaging, stealing, unlawfully opening aircraft or aviation facilities and equipment to disrupt cabin order 30
10 Others 30