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Table 2 Depiction of PRAC in the presence of stragglers

From: Private and rateless adaptive coded matrix-vector multiplication

  1. The master keeps generating packets using fountain codes until it can decode \(A{\mathbf {x}}\). The master estimates the average task completion time of each worker. When a worker is expected to finish the task at hand, the master sends a new task to that worker. This mechanism avoids idle time at the workers. Thus, at every time instance in which a worker is expected to finish its task, the master creates a new packet and sends it to that worker. Each new packet sent to a worker must be secured with a new random key. The master can decode \(A_1{\mathbf {x}}, \dots , A_6 {\mathbf {x}}\) after receiving all the packets not having \(R_{4,1}\) or \(R_{4,2}\) in them