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Table 1 Data acquisition sensor

From: A driver’s car-following behavior prediction model based on multi-sensors data

Instrument nameFunctionTechnical index
Millimeter-wave radar (ESR)Relative distance from the car ahead, relative angle, relative speedPrecision of distance measurement is 0.25 m and angle precision is 0.5°
Video monitoring systemAction monitoring of driver’s foot, operation behavior, and forward and backward scenesFrequency is 25 Hz with synchronous storage
GPS system (VBOX)Acquisition of the concrete location of the test car and real-time speed of the carPositioning precision is 0.5 m
CAN acquisition cardAcquisition of the CAN data of the carCar speed is 0.01 km/h; steering wheel angle is 1.0°, and the opening degree of accelerator pedal is 0.1%. Braking signal and turn lamp signal are acquired.