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Table 3 ANOVA statistical tests results for localization error correlation times

From: Modeling of Real Time Kinematics localization error for use in 5G networks

Datasetp valueh0
Dynamic UE
Loc1 - east0.57Not rejected
Loc1 - north0.10Not rejected
Loc2 - east0.014Rejected
Loc2 - north0.93Not rejected
Loc3 - east0.19Not rejected
Loc3 - north0.17Not rejected
all (excluding Loc2 - east)0.17Not rejected
Static UE
Loc1 - east0.30Not rejected
Loc1 - north0.42Not rejected
Loc2 - east0.43Not rejected
Loc2 - north0.36Not rejected
Loc3 - east0.12Not rejected
Loc3 - north0.71Not rejected
all0.25Not rejected