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Table 3 Simulation model parameters and their values

From: Routing protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks for heterogeneous traffic network

Contiki OS versionContiki 3.0
Mote device modelZ1 Zolertia
Z1 mote voltage3 V
Z1 mote TX current17.4 mA
Z1 mote RX current18.8 mA
Z1 mote CPU idle current0.426 mA
Z1 mote CPU power down current0.020 mA
RTIMER_SECOND32768 ticks per second
CC2420 radio CCA threshold−45 dbm
Z1 flash92 KB
Packet size127 bytes
Buffer occupancy4 packets
uIP payload buffer size140 bytes
Simulation time3600 s
PHY & MAC protocol802.15.4 with CSMA
Number of nodes20, 30, 40, 50, 100
Send intervalScenario 1: 1 * clock second, 2 * clock second, 6 * clock second, 60 * clock second
Scenario 2: random number between 1 and 15 * clock second/random 1–10
Random number seeds: new seed with respect to clock time each iteration
Workload measurement intervalEvery 10 s
Script text analysisPython 3.7