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Table 1 Information of some representative airborne weather radar

From: Thunderstorm identification algorithm research based on simulated airborne weather radar reflectivity data

RadarCountry/companyWavelengthScan modeApplication
Rotary scanning of two antennas (forward and backward) with an angle of 18.5°Convective storm detection with high resolution
WXR-2100Rockwell-Collins3.1 cm
Emits two beams with slight offset in the vertical (pitch) directionDetecting convective clouds that threaten aircraft safety
CRSGoddard Space Flight Center(NASA)3.2 mm
Scanning with a two-axis gimbal hanger(airborne)RHI scanning(ground-based)Cloud measurement, especially cirrus
ACRUMass and JPL(NASA)3 mm
Detect vertically downwards or upwardsWeak precipitation and snowfall
SpiderJapan3 mm
Scanning in the direction of the track from − 40° to + 95°Cloud measurement