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Table 4 Thresholds of cell segment search

From: Thunderstorm identification algorithm research based on simulated airborne weather radar reflectivity data

ThresholdMeaningDefault value
Reflectivity(dBZ)A set of minimum effective reflectivity which the reflectivity factor of a sample volume must meet or exceed to be included in a cell segment25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55
Dropout reflectivity difference (dBZ)The difference below threshold (reflectivity) in effective reflectivity that a sample volume may still be included in a cell segment5
Dropout count(unit)The maximum number of contiguous sample volumes with a reflectivity factor less than the threshold (reflectivity) by less than or equal to the threshold (dropout reflectivity difference) that may be included in a cell segment2
Segment length (km)Set of minimum lengths of a component for each reflectivity threshold1