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Table 5 Attributes of the cell segment

From: Thunderstorm identification algorithm research based on simulated airborne weather radar reflectivity data

Azimuth (°)The azimuthal position of a cell segmentElevation (°)Angle of the elevation scan
RSbeg (km)The slant range to the beginning (the front of the first sample volume) of a cell segmentRSend (km)The slant range to the end (the back of the last sample volume) of a cell segment
MWL (kg/km2)Mass weighted length, the mass density-weighted length of a cell segmentMaxRef (dBZ)The maximum (average) reflectivity factor of a cell segment
MWLS (kg/km)Mass weighted length squared, the mass density-weighted length squared of a cell segmentThreshold (reflectivity) (dBZ)The minimum effective reflectivity which the reflectivity factor of a sample volume must meet or exceed to be included in a cell segment