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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: Energy-efficient offloading decision-making for mobile edge computing in vehicular networks

Transmission power of vehicle kn, \(p_{k_{n}}^{m}\)100 mw
Local execution power of vehicle kn, \(p_{k_{n}}^{l}\)300 mw
Maximum number of drop packets in the transmission queue \(D_{k_{n}}^{m,\max }\)200 packets
Maximum number of drop packets in the local queue \(D_{k_{n}}^{l,\max }\)200 packets
CPU frequency of vehicle kn, \(F_{k_{n}}^{l}\)13 GHz
CPU frequency of the MEC server, Fm50 GHz
Traffic load, \(\lambda _{k_{n}}\)520 KB/t
Computation intensity, \(Z_{k_{n}}\)5001000 cycle/b
Channel bandwidth B1 MHz
Path loss modelITU UMa/UMi [33]
Noise power N0− 100 dBm/Hz
Intra-interface \(I_{k_{n}}\)\( d_{0}^{-4}\)
Packet length S500 b