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Table 1 Analysis of the relationship between instructions and files

From: Analysis of computer network attack based on the virus propagation model

Instruction setFormatInterface
View the file list001+ The spec if ic path001c:\
Upload a file002+ file structure (file path, file name, file size)002e:\film\milan.rmvb70000000
The download file003+ file structure (file path, file name, file size)003e:\music\
Delete the file004+ file structure (file path, file name)004d:\study\l. txt
Extract process list005005
Close the process006+ the name of the process to be closed006winword.exe
Running processes007+ file structure (file path, file name)007d:\hello world.exe
Remote shutdown/restart008+ a spec if ic string (poweroff/reset)008poweroff
The bug report009+ error instruction009005