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Table 1 Resource optimization algorithm

From: Inter-domain resource optimization method of software-defined multi-domain optical network

for\( {t}_{p,q}^{m,n} \)do

 Invoking the K algorithm in GL(VL, EL) and calculate the shortest path from \( {v}_p^m \)to \( {v}_q^n \), then range the path according to its length: P = {p1, p2, …pk, };

for pk P do

 In this path, take the input node and output node of every domain regard as the source node and the sink node of a sub path in this domain. Produce the business requirements of every domain, and send them to the related controller;

if All domain return OK

 Path creation successful, jump out;


 Path creation fail, the loop go on;

end if

end for

end for