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Table 1 Notation

From: Joint optimization of computing ratio and access points’ density for mixed mobile edge/cloud computing

Notation Definition Notation Definition
N data size of the task \({{f}_{\text {loc}}},{{f}_{\text {AP}_i}},{{f}_{\text {C}}}\) Computation capacity of the UE,AP and cloud
\(\omega\) CPU cycles for 1 bit \(R_i\) Ergodic rate between the UE and AP in mode \(i, i\in \Omega\)
\(\kappa\) Effective capacitance coefficient \({{n}_{1}},{{n}_{2}}\) Upper bounds of capacity of channel
\({{B}_{1}},{{B}_{2}}\) Transmit bandwidth of UE and AP \(r_i\) Ergodic rate between the AP and cloud in mode \(i, i\in \Omega\)
\({{p}_{1}},{{p}_{2}}\) Transmit power of the UE and AP \({{v}_{1}},{{v}_{2}},{{v}_{3}}\) Unit price of UE, AP and cloud
\(\sigma ^{2}\) Noise density \(\lambda _i\) Distribution density of F-AP(i=1) and AP(i=2)
\(M_i\) Coverage probability of mode \(i, i\in \Omega\) \({{F}_{\min }},{{F}_{\max }}\) Upper and lower bounds of coverage probability
\(\varvec{\alpha },\beta\) Optimized variables \(T_i\) Pre-set threshold of SNR value in mode \(i, i\in \Omega\)
\(\Omega\) Set of {1,2} \(\Psi\) Set of {1,2,3}
\(Z_i\) Charge of mode \(i, i\in \Psi\) k Probability of an AP supporting computation
\(G_\mho , \mho \in \{\text {loc,AP,C}\}\) Prices per second for computing delay at UE, AP and the cloud P Expect charge of the system