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Table 2 Important usability attributes of authentication mechanism with its description

From: DSSAM: digitally signed secure acknowledgement method for mobile ad hoc network

UA Attributes’ name Description
UA1 Authentication between MANET’s user and intermediate node Since end-users may request for services or information, MANET intermediate nodes provide services/information. Therefore, mutual authentication between end-users and intermediate node becomes essential
UA2 Authentication between MANET’s end users Authentication should also be done between two end-users, i.e. the sender and receiver in order to avoid repudiation
UA3 User’s amicable registration phase Registration phase from registration authority should be amicably and not put any kind of burden on users like remembering to the random number, etc., until not received the smart card
UA4 Password change facility: user friendly and secure Whenever the user needs to change the password, it should be friendly without interrupting registration authority. Keeping the same password for a long time is not suggested due to vulnerability towards password guessing. Moreover, the password changing mechanism must be secure in order to avoid false updating from the adversary
UA5 Creation of session key In order to provide good mutual authentication between two authorized communication parties, to keep confidentiality of messages and to provide a secure communication atmosphere after the end of the session generation of session key becomes an important concern