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Table 1 The characteristics of CINRAD-SA radar

From: Precipitation cloud identification based on faster-RCNN for Doppler weather radar

Antenna Type Parabolic
Beam width Horizontal 0.95° Vertical 0.95°
Scan type PPI, RHI, VOI
Polarization Horizontal or vertical
Gain 45 dB
Transmitter Frequency 2885 M HZ—S band
Power 650–800 KW
Pulse width 1.57 µs
Receiver processing mode PPP/FFT
Noise figure ~ 4 dB
Dynamic range > 94 dB
Variables Available Reflectivity, Radial velocity, Spectral width, Differential reflectivity, Copolar correlation coefficient, Differential propagation phase constant, Linear depolarization ratio, and so on