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Table 1 Description of each parameter

From: Optimization algorithm and simulation of supply chain coordination based on cross-border E-commerce network platform

parameters Description of each parameter
\(w\) Wholesale price of products sold by cross-border suppliers to cross-border e-commerce enterprises
\(r\) Cross-border suppliers mark up their products and sell them to retailers
\(P1\) Price of cross-border e-commerce online channel products (domestic delivery)
\(P2\) Cross-border e-commerce offline channel product price (offline physical store)
\(T\) Stipulated delivery time of products sold by cross-border e-commerce through online channels
\(t\) Actual arrival time of cross-border e-commerce products sold through online channels
\(\alpha\) The estimated utility of a product by a consumer means that the consumer has estimated the quality, material and other characteristics of the product before receiving the product
\(\lambda\) The consumer's use experience of the product indicates the impact of contact with the product on the estimated value of the product, \(0 \le \lambda \le 1\)
\(S_{1}\) Consumers' satisfaction of purchasing products through cross-border e-commerce online channels
\(S_{2}\) Consumers' satisfaction of purchasing products through cross-border e-commerce offline channels
\(\eta\) Consumer sensitivity index of cross-border logistics speed, \(0 < \eta < 1\)
\(\beta\) When consumers purchase cross-border products offline, the inconvenience costs such as time and travel caused by the distance are too far, \(\beta > 1\)
\(a\) Tariff cost in the process of cross-border product transportation
\(b\) Unit penalty cost of cross-border products not arriving on schedule, \(b > 1\)
\(k\) Product storage service cost coefficient
\(\theta\) The cost ratio of online channel to offline channel
\(z\) Proportion of revenue shared by offline channels to online channels
\(Q_{1}\) Consumer demand for online channels of cross-border products
\(Q_{2}\) Consumer demand for offline channels of cross-border products
\(\pi_{sc}\) Supply chain system profit
\(\pi_{1}\) Online channel profit of cross-border e-commerce
\(\pi_{2}\) Cross-border e-commerce offline channel profit