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Table 3 The incomplete ordered information table with the second level of granulations

From: A data fusion method in wireless sensor network based on belief structure

U a12 a22 a32 a42
\(x_1\) a a \(*\) a
\(x_2\) l a l a
\(x_3\) \(*\) f r f
\(x_4\) m m \(*\) m
\(x_5\) f m f f
\(x_6\) l l l l
\(x_7\) r f r f
\(x_8\) \(*\) a a a
\(x_9\) f m m m
\(x_{10}\) a \(*\) a a
\(x_{11}\) m l m l
\(x_{12}\) r r r \(*\)