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Table 3 Proposed shaping code \((k_{s}=2, n_{s}=4)\)

From: Shaping code in conjunction with DCT for PAPR reduction in multicarrier system

Data bits

Shaping SC1

Shaping SC2

\(A'_{K}\,/ \, A''_{K}\)

Corresponding coded bits \({\underline{c}}_{K}\)

Corresponding coded bits \({\underline{c}}_{K+1}\)

\([0\quad 0]\)

\([0\quad 0\quad 0\quad 0]\)

\([1\quad 1\quad 1\quad 1]\)

\([0\quad 1]\)

\([0\quad 0\quad 1\quad 0]\)

\([1\quad 0\quad 1\quad 1]\)

\([1\quad 0]\)

\([0\quad 1\quad 0\quad 0]\)

\([1\quad 1\quad 0\quad 1]\)

\([1\quad 1]\)

\([0\quad 0\quad 0\quad 1]\)

\([1\quad 1\quad 1\quad 0]\)