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Table 1 Notations used in the proposed protocol

From: Lightweight authentication protocol in edge-based smart grid environment

Notations Descriptions
SM Smart meter
\(ES_j\) \(j{\mathrm{th}}\) edge node
TA Trusted authority
\(E_p(a,b),p\) Elliptic curve cryptosystem, \(E_p:y^3=x^3+ax+b(mod\,p)\) is an elliptic curve over prime field \(F_p\), p is a prime, where \(x,y,a,b\in F_p\) and \((4a^3+27b^2) mod\,p\ne 0\)
kG \(kG=G+G+\cdots +G(k times,k\in F_p)\),Scalar multiplication in elliptic curve Cryptosystem
\(r_i\) The register parameters generated by trusted authority
Adv Adversary
s Secret key of TA
\(SK_{ij},SK_{ji}\) Session key by SMs and edge nodes
\(n_i,n_j\) Random number chosen by SMs and edge nodes
\(H(\cdot )\) Cryptographic one-way hash function
|| Concatenation
\(\oplus\) Bitwise XOR operation