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Table 2 Parameters used for numerical evaluations

From: Performance analysis of in-band collision detection for dense wireless networks

Parameter Value
Tx electronic power—\(P_{\mathrm {el,tx}}+P_{\mathrm {PA}}\) 30.67 mW\(^*\)
Rx electronic power—\(P_{\rm el,rx}\) 35.28 mW\(^*\)
Full-duplex power ratio—\(\alpha\) 0.7449\(^\Diamond\)
Microprocessor power—\(P_{\upmu {\text {C}}}\) \(13.53~{\text {mW}}\) \(^{\S }\)
FIR power—\(P_{\text {FIR}}\) \(200~\upmu {\text {W}}\) \(^{\ddag }\)
EBD control time—\(T_{\text {EBD}}\) \(128~\upmu {\text {s}}\)
FIR control time—\(T_{\text {FIR}}\) \(128~\upmu {\text {s}}\)
  1. From datasheet of \(^*\)TI CC2420. Source: \(^\Diamond\) [15], \(^{\ddag }\) [30], \(^{\S }\) [31]