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Table 1 Comparison of the upper Bhattacharyya parameter bounds of \(G_5\), where Z is the abbreviation of Z(W)

From: Computing tight upper bounds for Bhattacharyya parameters of binary polar code kernels with arbitrary dimension

Index Results of [3] Results of the proposed method
0 16Z \(5Z-10Z^2+10Z^3-5Z^4+Z^5\)
1 \(8Z^2\) \(6Z^2-9Z^3+5Z^4-Z^5\)
2 \(4Z^2\) \(3Z^2-Z^3-2Z^4+Z^5\)
3 \(2Z^2\) \(Z^2+Z^4-Z^5\)
4 \(Z^4\) \(Z^4\)