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Table 2 Integration of the blockchain and the IoVs

From: A survey: applications of blockchain in the Internet of Vehicles

Categories Proposed Implemented by
IoV security Access control [29] BlockAPP
[30] Intelligent vehicle trust point (IVTP)
Message validation [31] Trust clustering mechanism for VANET (TCMV)
[32] Distribute trust clustering mechanism for VANET (DTCMV)
[33] Blockchain-based traffic event validation (BTEV) framework
Trust management [34] Vehicular announcement protocol echo-announcement
  [35] Anonymous cloaking region construction scheme
  [36] Blockchain-based trust management with conditional privacy-preserving scheme (BTCPS)
Certificate management [37] Blockchain-based privacy preserving authentication (BPPA) scheme
  [38] Decentralized key management mechanism (DB-KMM)
  [39] A blockchain-based anonymous reputation system (BARS)
  [40] Semicentralized traffic signal control (SCTSC) mode
Data management [41] Miner selection and block verification solutions
  [42] Mobile crowd sensing (MCS) with blockchain
  [19] A DQDA incentive mechanism
Data monetization [43] Blockchain-based data trading and loaning system
  [44] Consortium blockchain-based data trading framework
  [45] Consortium blockchain-based resource trading system
Privacy preserving [46] A hybrid blockchain-PermiDAG
  [47] Blockchain-assisted privacy-preserving authentication system (BPAS)
Revised IoV architecture [48] Blockchain-based software-defined VANET (block-SDV) framework
  [49] Blockchain-SDN-enabled architecture in 5G and fog computing systems