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Table 1 Micro-operator deployment scenarios mapped with situation types

From: End-to-end network slice architecture and distribution across 5G micro-operator leveraging multi-domain and multi-tenancy

Micro-operator Deployment scenarios Deployment description Possible situation types
Closed Deployment A A closed network is responsible for one tenant at a single location Situation 1 where one slice service is allocated to a single tenant
Deployment B A closed network is responsible for a set of tenants at different locations Situation 1 or Situation 2 due to single or multiple tenants at different locations
Open MNO open Targeted at MNO subscribers within a given locality based on the service agreement with the MNO. The micro-operator may be responsible for subscribers from one MNO or multiple MNOs Situation 2 or Situation 4. Situation 2 for subscribers from one MNO network sharing a single tenant slice, and situation 4 for subscribers from multiple MNO networks sharing multiple slices
Public open Targeted at the general public Situation 2 where one slice service is reserved for public use
Mixed Option A The micro-operator needs services from the MNO such as wide area access and remote monitoring, thereby configuring tenant’s slices with MNO resources Situation 3 where micro-operator service needs NSSIs from both the MNO and micro-operator
Option B MNO needs services from the micro-operator network for a better service for its subscribers within the micro-operator’s network and using the tenant’s broadband slice for extending indoor coverage Situation 3 or Situation 4. Situation 3 for communication services formed for both the micro-operator NSI and the MNO NSI. Situation 4 for multiple NSIs serving multiple tenants including MNO tenants