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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: MSE minimized joint transmission in coordinated multipoint systems with sparse feedback and constrained backhaul requirements

Parameters Values
Number of antennas at BS\(\backslash\)User \(1,2,16,32\backslash 1,2\)
Receive filter (equalizer) No, MF, MMSE
Channel model 3GPP channel model with path-loss \(128.1+37.6\log (R)\), shadowing \({\mathcal{N}}(0,\,8\ \mathrm {dB})\) and fast fading \({\mathcal{CN}}(0,\,1)\)
Channel realizations 10000
Cell radius \(500\ \mathrm {m}\)
BS antenna gain\(\backslash\) correlation \(1\backslash \ 0.5\)
Propagation delay \(1\ {\mathrm{ms}}\)
User velocity \(5\ {\mathrm{km/h}}\)
Carrier frequency \(2\ \mathrm {GHz}\)
System bandwidth \(10\ \mathrm {MHz}\)
Noise power \(4\times 10^{-14}\ \mathrm {W}\)
Maximum BS power in edge SNR of \(10\ \mathrm {dB}\) \(22.8\ \mathrm {dBm}\ (0.19\ \mathrm {W})\)