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Table 1 5G-NSUE proposed system components

From: Network slicing: a next generation 5G perspective

Components Main attributes Common instances
I. 5G network nodes   
1. Core network Fifth generation cellular network IP multimedia system
   Mobility management entity
   Packet data gateway
2. Radio access network Mobile base station, antennas Generic radio access network (GRAN)
   GSM edge radio access network (GERAN)
   UMTS terrestrial radio access network (UTRAN)
   Evolved universal terrestrial radio access network
3. User equipment Devices Mobile, computers, servers
II. Network slices   
1. Slice creation Slice type End to end slice, vertical slice
2. Slice isolation Scheduling Slice scheduling algorithms
3. Slice management MANO Management, orchestration
III. Use cases   
1. Mobility Vehicular V2X (vehicle to everything)
2. Resource management Efficiency Scheduling, usage, infrastructures, network
3. Security Reliability Slice security, privacy, isolation
4. Low latency Delay, wait time Ultra-low latency in nanoseconds
5. Ultra-high bandwidth Speed, data rate Ultra-high speed, high speed
6. IoT Machines, humans Machine to machine, machine to human
IV. Enabling techniques   
1. Software-defined networking Abstraction, programmability OpenFlow
2. Network function virtualisation Virtualisation Virtualised load balancer
   Virtualised firewall
   Virtualised WAN accelerators
   Virtual routers, switch and gateway