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Table 3 Analysis table for selected publications

From: Network slicing: a next generation 5G perspective

Publications Architectural aspect Features
Slicing method Standardisation Protocol/model Slice execution time SDN implementation NFV implementation Resource efficiency Bandwidth efficiency Scheduling Performance
[8] End-to-end   Complex network theory        
[9]    Layered approach        
[9]    Layered approach        
[11] End-to-end   Bi-resource slicing scheme        
[12] End-to-end          
[13]   3GPP         
[26]    Genetic algorithm        
[27] Bandwidth slicing   Stackelberg game approach        
[14]    RAN runtime slicing        
[15] End-to-end   Cloud-native approach        
[16] End-to-end 5GPP Generic 5G architectural framework        
[18]    RAN slicing at multiple levels        
[19] End-to-end          
[20]    RAN slicing using C/U separation        
[21] End-to-end   Device-triggered slice selection        
[22] RAN slicing          
[29] RAN slicing 5GPP RAN slicing based on SDN machine learning        
[30] RAN slicing   Multi-slice and multi-BS RAN slicing using bandwidth allocation        
[31] RAN slicing 5GPP RAN slicing based on SDN traffic classification        
[32] End-to-end 4G/5G 5GIIK open source testbed