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Table 5 Validation of publications using different factors

From: Network slicing: a next generation 5G perspective

Author Goal Component units Techniques/methods Major features Limitation
[18] Analysis of RAN slicing Spectrum planning RAN slicing at spectrum planning level Alternatives are presented for RAN slicing No discussion on slicing in core network and user equipment
  Splitting of radio resources among slices Inter-Cell Interference coordination (ICIC) RAN slicing at ICIC Level   
   Packet scheduling RAN slicing for packet scheduling   
   Admission control RAN slicing for admission control   
[20] Enable customisation for different users Hypervisor RAN slicing for C/U plane separation Separation of control and user plane creation of network slices Discussion missing on effects of separation of planes on slicing
[28] Customise mobile telco services Slice plane PERMIT framework Achieving flexibility, efficiency, and scalability by creating on-demand VMN slices  
   VMN slice orchestrator    
   Virtual resources    
   Physical infrastructure    
  Combining SDN, NFV and cloud and edge Users    
   VFN manager    
   NFV orchestrator    
   Virtualised infrastructure manager    
[19] Provide a logical architecture Core cloud Mobility management scheme Mobility management Latency issues in network slice management due to space limitations are not addressed
   Edge cloud    
   Access unit    
  Managing mobility Control unit 5G network slicing   
   Data unit    
   Virtualised infrastructure management    
   VNF management    
   SDN controller    
   Management and orchestration    
[21] End-to-end network slicing Compute nodes Device triggered network control Slice selection mechanism Lack of depth in architectural features
   SDN controller    
   Forwarding elements    
   SDN controller switch End-to-end network slicing architecture   
   Physical link    
   5G network slices    
[22] Identify design challenges User equipment RAN slicing Establish configuration of RAN node for RAN slicing Involves RAN slicing only
  Realise and customise RAN slices Core network    
[29] Reducing handoff cost RAN RAN slicing Machine learning with less impact on the throughput More overhead on the user equipment
   User equipment    
  Better utilisation of the throughput Third party for encryption    
[30] Maximising resource utilisation RAN End-to-end network slicing Machine learning with less impact on the throughput Latency issues are not addressed
   Core network    
[31] Minimise latency RAN RAN slicing Low latency and packet loss with better traffic management The system evaluated under small use case
  Better throughput SDN controller    
  Managing traffic SDN agent    
[32] End-to-end network slicing testbed architecture RAN End-to-end network slicing Open source Limited parameters
   Cloud-based SDN/NFV   Flexibility Architecture is not clear