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Table 1 The performance indicators system of MDDI

From: Performance measurement for new mobile data services during generation upgrading period: a case of China’s telecom industry

Subindices Performance indicators
Investment I1 investment in wireless access network
I2 investment in transmission network
I3 investment in service network
I4 investment in supporting network
I5 investment in construction
Supply S1 mobile phone exchange capacity
S2 size of mobile phone base stations
S3 size of WLAN AP
S4 dropped call rate of networks per month
S5 switch rate of networks per month
Adoption A1 customer size of cellular data service
A2 customer size of WLAN data service
Usage U1 cellular data traffic per month
U2 WLAN data traffic per month
Revenue R1 revenue of cellular data service per month
R2 revenue of WLAN data service per month