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Table 1 Classification of wireless communication signals by frequency

From: Research on TD-LTE wireless communication network propagation model optimization based on visual simulation and GIS

Band name

Wavelength range

Frequency range

Propagation mode

Application occasion

Long wave band

2000–20000 m

30–300 kHz

Ground wave

Long distance communication


200–2000 m

300–3000 kHz

Ground wave

Broadcast, communication, navigation

Short wave band

20–200 m

3–30 MHz

Sky wave

Middle distance communication

Ultra-short wave band

I ~ 20 m

30–300 MHz

Linear propagation, scattering

Mobile communication, TV broadcasting

Decimeter wave band

200–2000 m

300–3000 MHz

Linear propagation, scattering

Mobile communications, satellite communications,

Centimeter wave band

I ~ 20 m

3–30 GHz

Straight propagation

TV broadcasting, radar

Millimeter wave

I ~ 20 m

30–300 GHz

Straight propagation

Relay communication, radar, satellite