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Table 3 Meaning of each parameter of the downlink

From: Research on TD-LTE wireless communication network propagation model optimization based on visual simulation and GIS



Default value

Body loss

Loss when signal penetrates human body

0 dB

UE antenna gain

Receiver antenna gain

0 dBi

Base station antenna gain

Transmit antenna gain


Feeder loss

Loss of all cables and connectors from the set top to the transmitting antenna

1–4 dB

Penetration loss

Signal loss through buildings, cars, ships, etc

10–20 dB

Shadow fade margin

A method to allow for a certain margin considering the effects of shadow effects

Receiver sensitivity

Lowest level to ensure the receiver can work normally

−106 dBm

Interference margin

In the actual propagation environment, the signal of the mobile receiver will be affected by its Interference of other signals, the margin value reserved for this purpose is the interference margin the amount

Base station transmit power

Transmitting antenna power

40 dBm