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Table 1 A comparison of selected MTC KPIs in 5G and 6G

From: Machine type communications: key drivers and enablers towards the 6G era

KPI\(^{[a]}\) 5G target 6G target
Per radio link reliability \(1 - 10^{-5}\) \(1 - 10^{-9}\)
Application level E2E reliability Not considered \(1 - 10^{-7}\)
Per radio link latency 1 ms 0.1 ms
Application level E2E latency 5 ms \(<1\) ms
Connection set-up time Not considered \(<1\) ms
Connection density 1 device/m\(^2\) Up to 10 device/m\(^3\)
Spectral efficiency (downlink) \(\sim 25\) bpcu \(\sim 40\) bpcu
Device lifetime 10 years 40 years
Energy consumption Low Ultra-low
Positioning accuracy 30 cm 10 cm
Jitter \(1 \mu\)s \(<0.1 \mu\)s
E2E optimization Not considered Relevant
Dependability Not considered Relevant
  1. \(^{[a]}\)There are also further 6G-relevant KPIs other than those listed here, but the community still needs to work out how to express them quantatively. One example of them is the AoI