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Table 1 Simulation parameter

From: Miner revenue optimization algorithm based on Pareto artificial bee colony in blockchain network

Parameter name Value Parameter name Value
Number of honest mining pools \(N_v\) 1 Initial computing power of each miner \(c_i\) 0.1
Number of attacking mining pools \(N_c\) 6 Computing power of honest mining pool 0.5
Maximum number of iterations \(\theta\) 50 Crossover factor threshold \(\eta _{1\mathrm{thr}}\) 0.05
Block withholding attack cost \({C_p}\) 0.02 Network reward value 1000
Mutation factor threshold \({\varphi _{1\mathrm{thr}}}\) 0.02 Number of onlooker bees 10
Number of food sources \({SN}\) 20 Honest Mining cost \({C_H}\) 0.05