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Table 14 Detailed specifications of Arduino UNO

From: Building an indoor air quality monitoring system based on the architecture of the Internet of Things

Microprocessor ATmega328
Operating voltage 5 V
Recommended input voltage 7–12 V
Critical input voltage 6–20 V
Digital I/O pin 14 pieces (6 for PWM control)
Analog input pin 6 pieces
Interrupt pin Interrupt 0, 1 for D2 and D3
LED Built in the 13th pin
Flash memory 32 KB, including 0.5 KB for the bootstrap program
Electrically erasable reproducible read-only memory 1 KB (ATmega328)
SPI protocol D10, D11, D12, D13 pin
I2C communication protocol A SDA and SCL pin
Frequency 16 MHz
IOREF pin 1 pieces