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Table 1 Parameters and settings for simulation

From: On optimal number of cognitive radios considering co-site electromagnetic compatibility

Parameters Definitions Settings
\(T_{s}\) Anti-interference threshold of a radio receiver \(-80\) dB
\(PT_{1}\sim PT_{p}\) Possible transmitting power used by a transceiver 5, 10, 15, 25, 30dBm
\(f_{1}\sim f_{n}\) The minimal working frequency and the maximal one 30, 30.025,...,300MHz
\(d_{h}\) The horizontal distance between antennas (m) 10m
\(G_{t},G_{r}\) Direction gain of maximum radiation of tx, rx antenna (dBi) 5dB
R Suppression of a receiver on the interference signal 0dB if \(\Delta f<\delta _{1}=\)25kHz
30 dB if 25 kHz=\(\delta _{1} \le \Delta f<\delta _{2}=50\) kHz
50 dB if 50 kHz=\(\delta _{1} \le \Delta f<\delta _{3}=100\) kHz
90 dB if 100 kHz=\(\delta _{1} \le \Delta f<\delta _{4}=1\) MHz
100 dB if 1 MHz=\(\delta _{1} \le \Delta f<\delta _{5}=2\) MHz
120 dB if 2 MHz=\(\delta _{1} \le \Delta f<\delta _{6}=4\) MHz
1600 dB if \(\Delta f\ge \delta _{6}=4\) MHz