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Table 1 Definition of symbols

From: ToAM: a task-oriented authentication model for UAVs based on blockchain

Symbols Definition
GrpID The group ID of a UAV group
\({\text{ID}}_{x}\) The dynamic identity of UAV x
Ticket Task tickets issued by mUAV for other UAVs
\({\text{P}}_{{\text{a}}}\), \({\text{P}}_{b}\) UAV a\b's public key
\({\text{S}}_{{\text{a}}}\), \({\text{S}}_{b}\) UAV a\b's private key
SK Pre-shared key in a group
EK(·) Encryption using a key K
H(·) Hash function
Sign(·) Signature
TS Time stamp
E(·) Using secret channel to communicate with smart contract