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Table 2 Main parameters with corresponding values

From: A throughput analysis of an energy-efficient spectrum sensing scheme for the cognitive radio-based Internet of things

Parameters Value
The primary user signal, \(x\left( t\right)\) DTV signal
The sampling frequency of the primary user signal, \(f_s\) 6 MHz
The channel noise, \(n\left( t\right)\) AWGN
The sensing time slot, \(\tau _s\) 50 \(\mu\)s
The reporting time slot, \(\tau _r\) 5 \(\mu\)s
The total time slot length, T 10 \(\mu\)s
The number of samples, \(N_x\) 300
The number of CR-IoT users, M 10
The SNR of each primary user, \(SNR_{PU}\) 10 dB
The SNR of each CR-IoT user, \(SNR_{CR-IoT}\) \(-28\) dB
The energy consumed during the sensing phase, \(e_s\) 1 J
The energy consumed during the transmission phase, \(e_t\) 3 J
The capacity of the battery, \(e_c\) 300 J
The probability of the absence of the primary user, \(p_0\) 0.5
The probability of the presence of the primary user, \(p_1\) 0.5