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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: Enhancing energy efficiency for cellular-assisted vehicular networks by online learning-based mmWave beam selection

Symbol Description Value
\(f_{{\text{c}}}\) Carrier frequency 60 GHz
\(W\) System bandwidth 1 GHz
\(p_{{{\text{max}}}}^{{\text{t}}}\) The mmSBS’s maximum transmission power 1 W
\(N_{0}\) Noise power density at a vehicle -174 dBm/Hz
\({\text{BW}}^{{\text{r}}}\) Each vehicle’s receiving beam width 90°
\({\text{BW}}^{{\text{t}}}\) A mmSBS’s transmitting beam width 30°–90°
\(n\) The maximum number of supported RF chains at a mmSBS 6
\(t\) The length of a time period 3 s
\(T\) The number of time periods 6000
\(\zeta\) The weighted coefficient 0.125
\({\text{BER}}_{i}^{{{\text{th}}}}\) The receiving bit error rate threshold 10–10
\(R_{F}\) Radius of simulation area of a mmSBS 100 m