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Fig. 1

From: Rampant Smoothing (RTS) Algorithm: an optimized consensus mechanism for private Blockchain enabled technologies

Fig. 1Fig. 1

Individual block’s Payload and Hashing outcome. Each block holds a payload, (2) hash of block and c hash of preceding block. In proposed scheme, SHA-384 was used for hashing of constant block size of 1088 bits each. Within selected Blockchain setup, cryptographic hash (SHA-384 (as mentioned in this figure)) methodology enables: a address derivation, b generation of unique identifiers, and c block payload and header’s integrity. Blocks were connected together through each block, comprising the SHA-384 (hash) digest of the preceding block’s header, thus creating the Blockchain. If a formerly distributed block was altered, it would yield dissimilar hash. By linking the original state and the capability to authenticate each block, handlers can autonomously approve the present state of the Blockchain

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