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Fig. 4

From: Rampant Smoothing (RTS) Algorithm: an optimized consensus mechanism for private Blockchain enabled technologies

Fig. 4Fig. 4

Mandatory computation period for completion of transactions. The performance of the proposed mechanism is described by the resulting (as shown in ai): Consistency: The projected technique can handle data with a greater consistency for the reason that of the proficiencies of Blockchain technology. Decentralization The offered methodology can be applied to project processes that can evade dominations, by means of certain protocols in Blockchain technology, such as consensus systems. Scalability The recommended project can provision scalability by applying hybrid practices in the synthesis of Blockchains and medical-IoT systems. User privacy The endorsed methodology can deliver unrecognizability for handlers via P2P and Blockchain technologies. Security and privacy Blockchain technology guarantees that handlers’ data are secure, and integrity is preserved

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