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Table 2 Detailed comparison of Blockchain categories

From: Rampant Smoothing (RTS) Algorithm: an optimized consensus mechanism for private Blockchain enabled technologies

Property Blockchain categories
Private Public Confederation
Trust Needs trust-building Trustable Trustable
Competence High Low High
Centralized Partial No Partial
Unanimity process Yes No Partial
Permission (Read) Hybrid (restricted or public) Public Hybrid (restricted or public)
Permission (Write) Interdentally controlled Public Specified devices
Transaction speed (TPS) Fast (approximately 2400 TPS) Slow (approximately 7 to 15 TPS) Fast
Immutability Tempering is possible Tempering hard or impossible Tempering is possible
Proof-of-stake (Minting) Eligible Eligible Eligible
Power consumption per transaction (with network of 104 devices) 101 J 103 J to 108 J
Scalability Dependent on network size (traffic and throughput)
Example Corda, etc Ethereum, etc R3, etc
  1. Underline: It is a ‘Naming Convention’ that refers to a convention (agreed scheme) for naming things