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Table 2 List of notations

From: Open sub-granting radio resources in overlay D2D-based V2V communications

Notation Interpretation
\(D\) Set of D2D users where \(d_{k}\in D\)  for \(k=1,...,N\)
\(C\) Set of D2I users where \(c_{m}\in C\) for \(m=1,...,M\)
L Set of allocated RBs to D2D communication
F Set of available RBs on eNB
\(B_w\) Allocated bandwidth
b Number of allocated RBs to every entities where \(b=1,...,F\)
\({\mathbb {X}}\) Sub-granting allocation indicator
\(\alpha _c\) Path-loss component for D2I user
\(\alpha _d\) Path-loss component for D2D user
\(\mu _c\) Fading component for D2I user
\(\mu _d\) Fading component for D2D user
\(\sigma _0\) White Gaussian Noise
\(\sigma\) Shadowing term
\({P}_{m}\) Transmission power of D2I transmitter, \(m=1,...,M\)
\({P}^C_{MAX}\) Power threshold limit for D2I transmitter
\({P}_{k}\) Transmission power of D2D transmitter, \(k=1,...,N\)
q Modulation and coding scheme of every entities
\(\epsilon\) General term for BLER
\(\epsilon ^D_{th}\) Minimum BLER threshold for D2D communication
\(\epsilon ^{sg}_{th}\) Minimum BLER threshold for sub-granting
\(\epsilon _{mk}\) Measured BLER between D2D and D2I users
T Subframe transmission time
\({\tau }\) Data transmission duration
\(T_{me}\) Channel state information transmission interval
\(T_{pos}\) Position information transmission interval
\(T_{br}\) Bids transmission interval
\(S_{Min}\) Sub-granting signaling processing time
\({\mathscr {Z}}\) Unique number of a cellular user in network