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Table 2 Notation for the symbols

From: Interleaved block subcarrier allocation and power combination for frequency symbol spreading multiuser diversity OFDMA

B Block length
\(B_{\mathrm{max}}\) Maximum value of B
\(E_{\mathrm{b}}\) Energy per bit
\(h_{u,l}\) Complex channel gain of the lth propagation path for the uth user
I One chunk length for the interleaved block subcarrier allocation
\({\mathcal {K}}\) Constraint length
L Discrete paths with the different time delay
\(N_{0}\) Single side power spectral density
\(N_{\mathrm{c}}\) Number of subcarriers
\(N_{\mathrm{d}}\) Number of data symbols
\(N_\mathrm{ici}\) Power of the ICI
\(N_{\mathrm{u}}\) Number of users
\(\tilde{N}_{\mathrm{c}}\) \(\lfloor N_{\mathrm{c}}/N_{\mathrm{u}} \rfloor\)
R Coding rate
S Average transmission power
\(T_\mathrm{wf}\) Threshold for the WF
\(W_\mathrm{wf}\) Weight for the WF
\(\tau _{u,l}\) Delay time of the lth propagation path for the uth user
\(\mathbf {\Phi }_{\tilde{N}_{\mathrm{c}}}\) Spreading matrix for \((\tilde{N}_{\mathrm{c}} \times \tilde{N}_{\mathrm{c}})\)
\(E[\cdot ]\) Ensemble average operation
max(g) Maximum value of g
\(\lfloor g \rfloor\) Integer lower and closer to g
\((\cdot )^{*}\) Complex conjugate operation
\((\cdot )^{-1}\) Inverse operation
\((\cdot )^{\mathrm {T}}\) Transpose operation